About Pagrics

We are the bridge connecting your business to the world….

Our Story


Our company was borne out of a desire to connect global players, experts, and smallholder farmers in Africa and the rest of the world. Prime Agri-Solutions LLC., (PAGRICS) is a United States-based Agriculture Import/Export Procurement and Consultancy company with branches and partnerships in Nigeria and Cameroun. Prime Agri-Solutions optimizes production and supply growth by investing and bringing innovation to private and public sectors, which include businesses, learning institutions, and government agencies and parastatals as well as identify and develop the next generation of high growth agribusinesses. 

We are also a full line Frozen Seafood Supply and Distribution company in partnership with Storage and Distribution Warehouses in Maryland, New York, Miami, and Houston USA. Lagos and Port Harcourt in Nigeria.

PAGRICS, as a company with a team of experienced international associates, is uniquely positioned to promote sustainable market systems in agribusiness. As a global company, we offer low-risk and profitable logistical and procurement solutions to clients across different sectors. From agriculture to manufacturing, wholesalers, small businesses, and general merchandisers, our experience in the logistics space, spanning over 20 years, positions us as a competent partner for your business.


We believe in sustainable wealth creation, poverty alleviation and global food security and are fully committed to innovative leadership and transformation in Agribusiness. To this end, our team of researchers and policy analysts works with experts and key stakeholders to proffer practical solutions for bringing Agribusiness in Africa with focus on innovation and technology, open up new opportunities for African farmers in the global market place and to ensure the ease of doing business for international partners.


PAGRICS serves startups, medium to large retailers and wholesalers that are seeking quality-assured products and sourcing solutions from Africa to Asia, Europe, and the Americas.


Our vision is to develop strategic partnerships that will lead to increased trade relations between Africa and the world.
We seek to be the Nexus that links the Agriculture Value Chains and Block Chains.


PAGRICS’ mission is to connect Global players in Agribusiness. We are ardent advocates of global food security, innovation, and the creation of pathways to economic growth for smallholder farmers through Prime Agri-Solution’s “THE AGRIC-GATEWAY PLAN.”
Our team of experts collaborate with zeal and create sustainable solutions that are good for United States businesses and good for African Farmers and Agripreneurs, their Families, and Communities. Passion and Purpose meet connectivity: That is what makes a better world.


Sustainability ensures business growth and survival. Seeing how one fits into systems promotes shared understanding and a larger vision. Daunting change necessitates more sophisticated collaborations for change agents. Collaborations are key to developing collective system intelligence for tackling complex problems. Creating regenerative organizations allows for systems growth and collaborations across differences.