Kundeg Limited is involved in the Oil palm plantation and Agric Commodities business from a unique perspective. Kundeg is cultivating 50 hectares with a potential of expanding to 1,000 hectares of superior high yielding and early maturing seedlings which produce their first fruits 24 months after planting as opposed to 4 years. They also produce an average yield of 10.5 tons of palm oil per hectare as against 4.5 tons for the usual Tenera seedlings.

Kundeg is also involved in the purchase and export of commodities like Cashew as well as import and sale of crop protection products like herbicides and insecticides. We also provide full product stewardship conducting registration with government regulatory agencies and trainings on safe and effective use of Agrochemicals for end users.


The Managing Director of Kundeg Limited, John Kunu has been engaged in the business of agriculture for 21 years. He started in Insis Limited a crop protection as a marketing manager with the primary responsibility of developing the business in the eastern and middle belt states. He eventually rose to the position of Deputy Managing Director and has been operating several large farms ever since.